We invite all families to join us for a whole school assembly on Friday 29th January at 12:00 midday. We are celebrating the monthly theme of Happiness. Teachers will check through Seesaw or Zoom if there are children who would be willing to share some of their learning during the assembly. We encourage families to look up Bobby McFerrin’s version of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’: http://Don’t Worry Be Happy Lyrics – YouTube and learn the words to join in with everyone singing.

Here’s a media study activity based on the above link: 1. Can you find one or more spelling mistakes? 2. Can you find the correct spelling? 3. Name one thing you like about the song? Why? Explain and back up your answer. 4. Is there something you would change about the song? If yes, what is it and why?

It is good to hear lots of positive feedback from teachers and parents on children’s learning and engagement with online learning. It is also good to hear about the challenges for some learners. We are looking into access to iPads and following up with individuals. We very much appreciate people’s patience as adjustments take time to put in place as every change in timetable has a ripple effect on previous and future timetables.

There is no escaping the loss that school closure brings. We all crave the time to be back together in our wonderful school, playing chasing, singing, reciting poetry, laughing. Yesterday’s event in Washington brought hope to many people. We end today’s post with some words from Amanda Gorman, Youth Poet Laureate, who wrote ‘The Hill We Climb’ for the presidential inauguration:

“Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true

that even as we grieved, we grew

that even as we hurt, we hoped

that even as we tired, we tried”