What a beautiful day with glorious sunshine today! Hope many families were in a position to have a sporty, outdoors day or a relax into nature day.

Our blog today is simple. Be kind to yourself and everyone in the family by reflecting on where you all might be on the Crisis Curve. Probably all different – and maybe sliding up and down? This will affect your mood and ability to deal with the additional demands every family is juggling.

Further quotes from Keith Gaynor’s presentation from the positive mental health event: What little act of pleasure did you do for yourself today?

–Little acts of kindness (to me)
–Little of acts of good health (for me)
–Little acts of calm (for me)
–Little acts of pleasure (for me)
–Little acts of “selfishness” (for me)

If you do small things for yourself, you’ll learn that:

you deserve it

you need it

you enjoy it

That you are intrinsically deserving of the love the universe gives you

And your children will learn that about themselves too.