We are delighted with the learning that has taken place in Killiney Hill over the past eight weeks for Senior Infants, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth classes and for all the teachers, SNAs and helpers involved. Thanks especially to teacher Jenny and artist Liz who consult with one another weekly, plan, prepare materials and share with each forest leader to ensure progression of learning throughout the programme. Children are very fortunate to have such healthy, creative and stimulating learning opportunities especially in these challenging times. The final of these nine sessions take place tomorrow Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November 2020. Click here from some fabulous updates: https://www.dspns.ie/forest-school/blog-of-sessions/

Thanks to Liz’s Creativity in the Classroom network, we got additional funding and we are able to offer a further four forest sessions to two classes. While we know every class would benefit from time outdoors, we have to make decisions based on multiple factors in school e.g. timetabling; programmes and projects being delivered in class and resource; weather; whole school initiatives etc. The classes participating in Forest Fridays 20th& 27th November, 4th and 11th December are Sixth class and Second class. More information will follow.


We are processing the responses to the 619 Confirmation of Interest letters posted last week. Offers for Junior Infants 2021 will issue in January 2021. There are two lists for admission to Junior Infants 2021 to facilitate procedures required by law due to changes to the Education Act. Dual enrolment process is necessitated because of pre-existing enrolment lists. Applicants on this list (List A) will have priority over applicants who applied online in October 2020 (List B).

Changemaker Schools Network

We welcome Fiona Collins from DCU Changemaker network today to speak to the staff. We are part of the Changemaker schools network based on our innovative educational practices that nurture empathy, creativity, teamwork and leadership. More information to follow.


Our final paragraph in this blog is highlighting the vital importance of us all continuing to be empathetic in our words and actions. We need be compassionate to ourselves and one another. We are adjusting daily to uncertainty as we live through the pandemic. Every individual is affected by it yet we are very fortunate as a school community to remain virus free. That could change any day. Meanwhile teachers and SNAs are doing an amazing job of keeping children safe and well and presenting exciting and creative learning opportunities every day. Thank you teachers and SNAs for coming to work and bringing learning alive for children at DSP.