How we would love to be walking in the school doors for term 3! However school is officially closed until 4th May 2020 while current restrictions are in place nationally. Like the rest of the country, and worldwide, we are finding ways to deal with daily changes. We aim to capture the precious moments of each day and do our best to instil hope and optimism.

For term 3, we are trying a few different approaches in terms of learning activities and we will seek your feedback to evaluate how we should progress week by week. Initially we sent home open-ended learning activities for two weeks, followed by a week’s bundle of work. This coming week we are emailing a week of work, broken down into daily suggestions. It is up to each family to use the learning packs in whatever way suits their family best. Home schooling is very different from onsite schooling.

As we hear regularly on the airwaves and on social media, keeping safe and healthy remains the first priority. Mental health is as important as physical health. Each family has a different context. Some families may have two parents who can spend time with children; some will have one parent with full responsibility for chid(ren); some will have exam students or children with additional needs; some with children who want to run around all day while parent(s) tries to work; some families are dealing with bereavement and/or loss of income; some have the opportunity to embrace family time and do activities together as a family they were too busy to do previously.

Adults – Be kind to yourself. Know that you are enough. We will catch up on learning when we return to school. If getting out and enjoying good weather is what works for you, do it! If expecting children to sit and do schoolwork, do it – with agreed expectations. It may help to have an eating routine: some families are mimicking the school day by having a ‘little break’ lunch box and a ‘big break’ lunch box. Can one of the children’s learning activities be to prepare their own lunch boxes? Would it help to have a family meeting over the weekend to plan for term 3 learning routines for next week?

We will continue our daily blog. Look out next week for Music Generation on Monday and Outdoor Education on Tuesday. Meanwhile, below are some links that may yield some interesting ideas:

Activity pack