Best wishes to everyone for the year 2021! We hope those in our community who experienced bereavements and/or job loss are doing ok in most challenging circumstances.

Our hopes of remaining in school are dashed with the spread of the virus. However, our faith in staff and families may help sustain us through the next few weeks.

Staff are putting remote learning plans into place this week and will notify parents via Aladdin (on/before Sunday evening 10th January 2020). Book collection by parents is to take place next Tuesday and Wednesday, timetabled to facilitate family pick ups. We need to figure out the logistics and will be in touch asap. Our decisions will take into account Public Health updates which are due from government later today.

January remote learning brings fresh – possibly freezing?! – challenges. Everyone will need to find some comfort to sooth us as individuals and as families. One of my discoveries was the following story, which I listened to multiple times over the holidays. It’s available as audiobook here: Many of you may know it already. I received a hard copy as a gift and coincidentally sent one to a family member as a gift. Every page expresses a beautiful thought and the art work is powerful e.g.” What do you want to be when you grow up?” “Kind.”

Yesterday we had a team from Irish Fencing install a new gate. When we return to school we can use this entrance and space for a new bike park. Thanks to Mike and Sixth Class for preparing the area for the job!