Summary Report from the Board of Management

A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Monday 22nd October 2018

Items on the agenda included the Treasurer’s Report, Principal’s Report, Communications Report, Maintenance report, Voluntary Contributions report, and Buildings report.  Specific items included:

1 Our application for Charitable status has been successfully submitted.

2 The Board thanks those who have made Voluntary Contributions and reminds the school community of the essential difference these contributions make to the successful management of the school.

3 The Board acknowledges the work and contribution over the past few years from Niamh Malin (teacher nominee) and James Bannigan (elected parent rep) as they step down from the Board. The Board requests school community to consider nominations for the parent representative (male). The Board has benefitted from members having a range of skills e.g. legal, IT, availability to oversee projects on school site, environmental, architectural, construction, management, and is keen to promote a broad skills base in board membership. Nominations should be submitted to the office week of 5thNovember 2018.

4 The Board gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Management of DSPNS will take place on Monday 12thNovember 2018 at 7:30pm.

5 The Board acknowledges the challenges in providing an inclusive educational experience given the uncertainities arising from revised model for allocation of resources for Special Educational Needs.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings are scheduled for Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd November 2018. We are using the Aladdin online option for arranging meeting times and it will go live tomorrow Tuesday i.e. you can book your slot online through Aladdin Connect tomorrow. Slots at drop off or pick up are very popular with parents/guardians yet we can only facilitate a fixed number of meetings at theses times.  We ask for your understanding and patience if you do not get your first preference.

If you have had an IEP meeting with your child’s team, you will not need to sign up for the November parent/teacher meetings.

Book Money

Our records show a small number of people have not paid book money. Requests to check your accounts will be sent by Aladdin Connect so that we can update school records.

Maths Week October 2018

Learning about Celtic knots during maths week

Perseverance and patience needed!

Confirmation of Interest for Enrolment September 2019

Over 850 Confirmation of Interest letters were posted out today. Written replies are required by Tuesday 13th November 2018. A postbox outside the office is available if people are hand-delivering responses: Confirmation of Interest/Enrolment.

Student Council 2018-2019

Board of Management AGM 7:30pm

We have our annual report on school progress 2017-2018 next Monday. All parents/guardians and staff are invited to attend. We hope to have a new parent representative (male) nominee to be elected to the Board. If you or another parent have skills that will benefit the school community please submit name(s) to the office by Wednesday 7th November 2018.

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of parents and staff working on behalf of the BoM. In this our 40th year, it would be great to get a good attendance at the AGM.

Ukulele lessons started today in Senior Infants, 2nd and 5th classes