DSP Voluntary Contributions

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We hope that your child/children are settling in well into the new scool year and look forward to a great year ahead. We are writing to you regarding the DSP Voluntary Contribution for the academic year 2018 – 2019.
Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have made financial contributions contributed in the past and already for this academic year.
Voluntary contributions are essential for the running of the school and make up almost a quarter of DSP’s annual income. These crucial funds are used to pay for enhancements to the learning experience that our children enjoy throughout the year.
We are therefore appealing to parents and guardians to support the school by making an annual voluntary contribution on behalf of your child/children.

How do our children benefit from voluntary contributions?
Voluntary contributions pay for resources that are essential to the learning experience that DSP and its teachers are striving to deliver for your child, including classroom materials, classroom IT resources, classroom cleaning, and classroom equipment, amongst many other facilities and costs. These resources include:
Movement programmes and therapies to provide more individualised and small group learning experiences – essential to our inclusive learning environment;
Purchasing and maintaining IT equipment, such as the smartboards, laptops and tablets used in the classroom to enable our children to enjoy internet resources (in spite of the PTA’s wonderful fundraising, we also need to use Board funds to cover school IT costs);
• The printing of class displays to make the learning experience more accessible, colourful and enjoyable;
Additional materials to enable children with special needs to have greater access to the curriculum;
Replacement of flooring and improvements in classrooms (for example, you may have noticed that first floor classroom flooring was replaced during summer 2018);
• As the Department of Education and Skills does not pay for a substitute teacher for the first day of a teacher’s absence in many cases, the Board strives to employ substitute teachers where needed to minimise the interruption to children’s learning and maximise good teaching practices;
• “Deep cleaning” of classrooms undertaken during holiday periods;
Repair and improvement of the school building and surroundings (e.g. willow fence installed on the patio in late spring 2018)
These resources cannot be financed in full from the small capitation grant that the school receives for each child from the Department every year and must be funded from the school’s other resources. In short, without voluntary contributions, your child’s learning experience and the school environment they enjoy throughout the year would be significantly affected.
We would like to ask you to contribute to the school in this way to support the positive and innovative learning environment that we all want for our children in DSP.

How much and how can you contribute?

The suggested contribution is €180 per child or €380 for families with three or more children.

If you can afford to give a little extra, a contribution of €250 or more from either a PAYE or self-assessed tax payer allows the school to claim back the tax on the entire donation meaning, for example, that a donation of €250 can be worth €362 to the school. This is a fantastic benefit and brings much-needed additional funds into our school. If you would like to avail of this option, please request a revenue form from jennyadams@dspns.ie (or you can download one directly from the Revenue website at www.revenue.ie/en/personal-tax-credits-reliefs-and-exemptions/donations-and-covenants/charitable-donations/index.aspx) and return it to the Board of Management.

We appreciate that not every family is in a position to pay the suggested amount, but every little really does help, so any contribution made is greatly appreciated.

There are several ways to make a contribution:

• This year, Voluntary Contributions can be paid via the Aladdin System by following the instructions for payments through the Aladdin App;
• You can pay by cheque (made payable to Dalkey School Project NS) which should be dropped into the Board of Management’s post box, which is situated on the wall in the hallway beside the secretary’s office;
• If you wish to pay by standing order, or have already set up this payment method and will continue to contribute in this way, please let us know by sending an email to jennyadams@dspns.ie so that we can ensure that our records on standing orders are up to date.

Thank you for your consideration of this request, and our apologies if you have already made a voluntary contribution by the time this letter reaches you.
We sincerely appreciate that families face many financial costs and requests throughout the year. Please be assured that voluntary contributions make a huge difference to allow DSP to enhance the school experience for our children and any contribution you can make will be gratefully received.

Yours faithfully,
The Board of Management