Ice cream treats from staff for children

In appreciation for two and a half fun-filled, hard-working terms in the classrooms during a very challenging year, and a half or full term of remote learning – depending on junior/senior classes – teachers and SNAs wanted to treat the children. They put together a kitty to pay for the children to enjoy Bel Gelato ice creams – to say thanks for listening, being respectful, laughing, playing, being curious and creative and for making DSP a happy school.

Thanks to the staff for creating inclusive learning environments based on mutual respect, affirmation and trust, for having high expectations of children and for their enthusiasm and enjoyment in motivating children to engage in learning. We could not offer the range of innovative, healthy, holistic programmes without highly effective teaching practices and meaningful communication with parents. Thanks DSP staff!

Thanks to the PTA for distributing draft policy/guidelines as part of a series of Wellbeing actions thus facilitating communication in a particularly challenging year. Thanks to parents/guardians who commented and suggested edits. Further observations are welcome to be submitted up to Friday 2nd July 2021 via PTA committee. Building and maintaining productive relationships is central to the DSP ethos.