Thanks to the organisers of the DSP40 Family Quiz night. It was a tremendous social occasion for all involved!

We are coming to the end of September the month where we put a lot of time into establishing routines, assessing learning and guiding children towards positive behaviours. Our aim is to implement our Mission Statement:

Dalkey School Project National School strives to create a happy, friendly, inclusive, educational environment where each child is unique and valued. We are a welcoming school where diverse talents are appreciatedand the school community works together respectfully. We cooperate to have a peaceful and safe atmosphere in which to learn and teach. We nurture each person’s potential and aspire to excellence.

Curriculum Evaluation

You may remember the Inspectorate carried out a Maths evaluation in March and the report was published on the Department of Education and Skills (DES) website. The report highlights several ways in which the school is a leader in educational practices:

  • the pupils enjoy their learning, are highly motivated and are expected to achieve as learners.
  • pupils regularly engage in a very good range of meaningful, cross-curricular, enquiry-based learning activities in Mathematics.
  • the quality of planning for Mathematics is commended highly; school leaders promote a culture of improvement, collaboration, innovation and creativity.
  • Very close monitoring of pupils’ progress in Mathematics occurs. Very good use is made of information from standardised tests, class tests, teacher observation records and pupil self- assessment practices by support teachers and mainstream teachers in most classes to inform planning for the next steps in pupils’ learning in Mathematics.

    The full report can be accessed here:

    Whole School Photo Monday 1st October 2018

    Following fire drill on Monday next we plan to take a whole school photo. If you have a yellow or orange top to wear that day, that would be great. Don’t worry if you do not have those colours.