What do we want children to learn during the extended closure? Where do we want them to be when we return to school in September?

If children come back to school in September holding most of what they learned in class, that will be a huge success. Basically, we want them to retain their learning. How can working and/or worried parents help their child at home?

First, you are not a teacher. Do not try to teach new things. When you have the time, focus on helping your child retain their learning. If your child’s motivation is declining, choose one item from literacy and one from numeracy. Keep it simple. Retrieve e.g. spellings; Revise e.g. addition tables; Rehearse e.g. words, poems, songs, feelings.

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Summer term is a time in school when we would typically do lots of learning outdoor and lots of revision indoors. Children would be helped by one another and have fun with one another. The extended school closure means children really miss their friends. We are all dealing with loss of very important relationships at this time. Let us be gentle and kind to ourselves. Let us continue to hope and to model optimism. I miss my friends but I love having more time with ______ (family member). I miss school but I can have fun playing _______ (game/activity).