We can be proud of the many ways people are working in teams at DSP. Resource teachers have put huge time and effort into applications for support from the SENO (special educational needs organiser). Without this kind of behind-the-scenes work, we would not be able to sustain the exemplary support we currently provide to meet the diverse needs of our children.

Mike began preparations for a wildflower patch at the side of the school and had some able helpers. It is wonderful to be introducing more biodiversity into our locality.

Many children receive support from class teachers, SNAs, resource teachers and the principals in dealing with friendships. Nurturing of social and emotional development is central to our curriculum delivery at DSP. Deep listening skills and a sense of fairness are critical skills in providing safe spaces for children to talk. Through our peer mediation programme, we guide children in developing interpersonal problem solving skills. We also encourage children to reflect on their learning and identify learning moments they are proud of.