Last Friday of the month – come listen to the children sing the songs they re-wrote for Founders Day. Help us lift the roof on funds for Educate Together by bringing €2.00 -€5.00. Coffee and fun in the Halla at 8:30 am… 


A flower power 70s fundraiser for Educate Together 


We’ll hear the kids sing songs they wrote for the 40th celebrations. Kids dress up is optional (in 70s or Easter). Looking forward to seeing you there! 


It has been reported that some activity on Whats App groups is not appropriate. May we remind parents/guardians that commenting on other people on social media can be a form of bullying e.g. a WhatsApp post sent to a group of thirty people is thirty repetitions of a comment.

“Bullying is unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against another person (or persons) and which is repeated.”

Would you wear your WhatsApp posts on your t-shirt?

Our focus for the month is responsibility.

I will take responsibility for my actions and my words.

I will take responsibility for my work.

I will take responsibility for my environment.

We appeal to all adults in our school community to model respectful and responsible behaviour.