Thanks to everyone who chose to spread happiness this week through class work, kind conversations, contributions during zoom sessions, helping at home, dog walking, expressing gratitude.

Happiness is our focus of the month for January.

We will spread happiness by showing a positive attitude to work and play.

We will spread happiness by helping others and by being cheerful and kind.

We will be grateful for all that we have.

Teachers are very impressed with the quality of uploads to Seesaw. Some notable sharing from the senior classes include Viking projects from 4th class; kindness journal, poetry and meditations from 6th class; learning schedule/timetable from 5th varying from children who start school work at 9:00am and play for the afternoon to those who relax for the morning and start school work at 2:00pm. Variety is the spice of life! Zoom sessions have taken place successfully with different levels of participation. Teachers and SNAs will continue monitoring progress and find ways to support children’s educational needs.

Thanks to all the parents and teachers who are juggling whole time jobs, young families and caring for relatives. We hope everyone can get some sunshine and fresh air over the weekend.