We are very appreciative of teachers and assistants who continue to bring children to the outdoors for learning. We have been most privileged as a school community to have enjoyed trips off-site since September through forest and beach school. Thanks to staff for their planning, enthusiasm and commitment, giving children opportunities of a lifetime within day-to-day school learning. Read for further details here: https://www.dspns.ie/forest-school/blog-of-sessions/

Congratulations to 5th and 3rd class students for submitting excellent applications to spend time in the back garden or Quiet Zone. They have shown good independence skills in seeking information and making decisions about activities during break times.

Summer Provision for Children with Additional Needs

Some parents have made queries about the Department of Education and Skills ‘Summer Provision’ scheme. Principals and School Management have not yet been informed of plans.

The INTO made the following statement: “We await official guidance and practical details for schools and will share that information with members when it becomes available. While we welcome today’s announcement, our members would appreciate if they were communicated with directly before press releases are issued. Clear communication with schools would ensure that school leaders and school staff are properly informed, when queries start to come in from interested parents. We urge parents to await next week’s official publication of guidance on summer provision before reaching out to your school.

PTA meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the PTA meeting on Tuesday 8th May 2021. We are delighted that the PTA has approved partial funding of transport costs. If a class is travelling to a destination requiring coach hire, we are required to hire bigger buses to facilitate distancing. Thanks to staff for committing their energy and time to make off site trips and learning possible in spite of challenging times. Thanks to parents/guardians for continuing to fund-raise to enable a diverse range of learning opportunities for lucky DSP children. We look forward to the next fundraiser – pyjama day on Wednesday 26th May 2021.

Thankful for Sixth Class Students

Sixth class students wrote letters and made videos to welcome the parents/guardians of new Junior Infants. (We had a zoom meeting this morning to register children for September 2021). We are delighted they have given permission for the testimonials to be uploaded to the website for future reference, some signed, some anonymous. It is very rewarding to hear what is important to these children who have many years experience of learning at DSP e.g.

“I know choosing schools can be daunting but I think that you couldn’t ask for a more accepting, kind and warm welcoming school than DSP.”

“At DSP, they put children first. We have a student council…”

“DSP is a fantastic school with fantastic teachers, students and activities so rest assured your kid will love their eight years here at the little slice of Heaven called Dalkey School Project.”