The Student Council held their first meeting, socially distanced, on Thursday in the Halla. What an articulate group of children! They identified ways in which our school is a great place to learn.

Gender equality, art and creativity, the first Educate Together school, campaigning for more bicycle stands, an accepting and happy atmosphere, forest school, including everyone, talking through friendship issues, all religions, no uniform, understanding dyslexia and autism were some of the features of DSP named by the Student Council.

We are very proud of our Student Council and look forward to working with them on change-making activities that enhance our community and environment.

What is a Changemaker School?

Fiona Collins, DCU Changemaker Schools Network, met with the staff on Wednesday. Fiona reminded us what it means to be one of only fifteen schools in Ireland to be identified as a Changemaker School.

“In a rapidly changing world , the next generation need new skills to thrive. The schools in the DCU Changemaker schools have been chosen as schools who are working within their schools and communities to create change and evolve. We are a community of practice to support and share with each other.

The 15 Changemaker Schools have been chosen as they are making a real visible difference in reimagining education in Ireland and respond to a rapidly changing world.”

We will be exploring our ethos and curriculum delivery through the Changemaker lens. Our Student Council will be leading their classmates on finding ways to share positive change-making practices.

Our school was presented as a Changemaker School case study in a lecture for student teachers in DCU. Outdoor learning is proving to be more vital than ever these days with pandemic challenges. DSP can be grateful to have the capacity and talent within our community to be –




Give students agency and voice

Engage with teacher leadership (distributed leadership)

Be creative in a time of Covid-19

Have wellbeing as a priority