What a joy it was to meet so many of the school community again last week. Our second DSP community event this year – the Student Council BYO Breakfast Picnic – was a great success. Evidently the children learned lots from their experience of hosting stalls at the Spring Market – thanks PTA for modelling how to plan and work together to make an event happen.

The Student Council learned a lot about how to plan and organise an event, even down to the practicalities of what to do when there was no sign of DLR park staff to remove the pile of dead fish. They asked the question, ‘What do we do if the fish are not removed?’ This question led to the next question, ‘What can we do to make sure the picnic can go ahead?’ – clean it ourselves – empathy, leadership and teamwork in action! Fortunately a DLR parks person came later to take the fishy rubbish away.

Many people reported what a lovely time they had seeing so many familiar DSP faces in one place. Thanks to everyone who donated food, brought blankets, chairs, picnic baskets and created a warm, friendly atmosphere with chats about art, the weather, music, food etc.

The Student Council is very grateful to everyone who donated to the chosen charities – Pieta House and Irish Cancer Society. A total of €1,201.70 was raised which will be divided evenly between the two charities. This fundraiser was part of a project to raise awareness of mental health throughout the school. The Student Council has promoted this through emotions charts, Yellow Monday and generally being empathetic, creative leaders since their election in October 2021. Congratulations to all involved. Special thanks to staff and PTA who helped with the practicalities.