Congratulations to the wonderful speakers and campaigners who took part in the Student Council elections. We are delighted many children put their names forward and made very good presentations to their classmates. We also saw some creative dress and posters from supporters and campaign managers. Thanks to all the children who took part. We look forward to working with our Student Council this year to ensure student voice is heard in meaningful ways.

Safety at School Gates

Pick up was not a safe time or place for children today. Many many cars drove past Glenageary Lodge and jammed the area outside the gates. Please cooperate with our school traffic plan. SAY NO to putting children in danger! Park and Walk.

Parents/Guardians please remind grandparents and childminding services about our Traffic Plan:

Please do

  • Keep school gates safe by NOT driving past Glenageary Lodge junction
  • Park and walk; use this opportunity to teach children road safety and the pleasure of walking in fresh air
  • watch for children and allow pedestrians to cross in front of your vehicle.
  • observe common courtesy. Drop off and collection times can be stressful, we ask that pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers please be patient with each other.

Please don’t

  • drive or park you car past the Glenageary Lodge junction.
  • park in a position that might obstruct any of our neighbours from entering or exiting their drives.
  • park in a position that might prevent emergency vehicles from accessing the school or any of the residences in Glenageary Lodge, Arnold Grove or Hillcourt Road.

BoM summary report

A Board meeting was held on Monday 17th September 2018. The summary report is as follows:

  • Significant investments have been made in the school. The new floors installed over the summer in certain classrooms are a great success. All classrooms are benefitting from updated screens.
  • Parents are to be reminded of car drop off policy.
  • Parents are to be reminded of voluntary contributions – and prompted to watch out for a VCcommunication to be issued in early October.
  • Parents are to be sent the link to the excellent report arising from the recent review of maths teachingin DSP.
  • Parents interested in standing for election to the BoM are encouraged to contact Miriam for furtherdetails.
  • Aladdin Connect is live – parents are reminded to download the app.