Term 2

3D Workshop in the Lexicon


Learning Log by Ruby Hogarty

This week was our first week back from mid-term and it was pretty stressful because we are doing a lot on J.E.P. Today we did a showcase day and we did really well and we made €252 but €57 of it got lost, we don’t know how and we don’t know where, we are really sad because we worked really hard for it and it is quite a lot of money. I hope we find it so the class and Ms O’Connell can be happy. We also started football with Rory, he is all about teamwork and having fun and it was really fun. I am on a team with Jack, Sean and Andrew. We also started Tag Rugby with Simon and that was so fun as well. We did S.P.H.E and the topic was Feelings, we talked about good and bad feelings and it was a good talk. We also talked about feeling safe and unsafe. I am grateful for having an amazing class to laugh with.





Learning Log by Sophia Harper

This week was our last week with Aoife, which was pretty upsetting but at least we had her for Valentines Day.

We did Tag rugby which for some reason I found funnier this week because we all worked as a team. We got into teams and went in fours and went against the other team. Then in Maths we did percentage and we played Bingo and whatever the the answer was if it matched we would cross out that number until we got the whole board.

I’m grateful for having Aoife for four weeks. This week was so fun YAY

Jonathon won our first Star of the week for February

Week 5

Learning Log by Ruby Hogarty

This week in Maths we did Chance. It was fun, we did a lot of fun things to do with Chance. We did a Forest game which is were you draw a 5 by 5 square, we picked a square then she flipped a coin and if it landed on heads then it burnt down and if it lands on tails it would stay safe and we had to contain the forest, we did a lot of games too, they were all so fun. We also did Art, we did silhouettes of World War I. First we did the background in amber and then we started with red then we faded into orange and finished with yellow then we waited for that to dry and cut out soldiers and planes out of black paper.

Today is Jonathon’s last day I have enjoyed every moment that he was here, he made me smile and laugh. I will miss him so much. He was a great aspect to our class.

I am grateful for Jonathon that he was able to come to Ireland and come to our class.


Lots and lots of elbow grease going into cleaning our Jars for our JEP project.

Stars of January 2020 – Happiness

Week 4

Fashion Show as Gaeilge

Learning Log by Amelie Redmond

This week we continued learning about the Titanic, each table got a different person on the Titanic to learn about and decide it we think they are or aren’t guilty for the Titanic sinking. Then we would go and tell the class what we found and then at the end we voted to who we think was responsible.

In Maths the topic was data, we learned about putting the information into graphs, one of the graphs is called a trend graph, these graphs are usually used for businesses. Another graph we learned about is a Bar chart.For our JEP projects Eve’s Mum came in to talk to us about how she became an Entrepreneur and started her own business “Ros Duke” a clothing brand. She was very helpful and gave us some tips on our jars.

In Art we did self portraits inspired by Picasso, first we drew the head and body, then on another page in squares we drew the eyes and things like that and stuck them on.

I am grateful for my friends.


Week 3

Learning Log by Hazel Mc

This week Aoife was teaching us, I had a good week , packed with fun things. This week in Maths we were focusing on Area and Perimeter. We got to design our houses and it was very fun. I had a bedroom, kitchen, trampoline room and more. We checked how much area it was and how expensive it will cost. We had an option of fake grass, carpet, hardwood floors, tiles and much more. The highest was €150,000 and the lowest was , €3,000, I had €7,000 which was alright.

In Irish we are looking at Eadai (clothes). We planned a fashion show for Tuesday, there will be 3 models and a presenter, I can’t wait.

We were learning about the Titanic and it was very fascinating, we even included drama in it. We did this game and it was if we agreed or disagreed with the decisions the people on the boat made. We either agreed, disagreed or were in the middle. It was fun to everyone’s thoughts and arguments. I am grateful for that we can come to school knowing it will be safe and fun.

Week 2

Learning Log by Laila Mackey

Our J.E.P project is “Do Something Productive”. We came up with the name because the initials are D.S.P. We each came up with a topic for our table, so now there are five topics. One of them is Rainy Days Jar, which our table designed and the others are, Active Jar, Junior Jar, Community Action Jar and a Seasons Jar. On our table we all decided on 20 different activities to be in the jar. Then myself and Maya typed them out on the computer and Ms O’Connell printed them out for us to check the size. All the other tables did this for their topics as well. The next thing we needed to do was Market Research, so we designed a survey to give to other people. Today we asked some classes the survey. One of the most important things my group found out is that most people are only willing to pay €1 to €3 for a jar.

I am grateful for my friends, specifically Emma, Hazel Mc and Romy.

Week 1

Learning Log by Alex Doran

This week was our first week back in school after the Christmas break and we’ve had so much fun. We also have a new student, his name is Jonathon and he is from South Korea. He does Taekwondo and likes singing.

On Monday we started a new topic in Maths, Number Theory. So far I have finally memorized what prime numbers and composite numbers are. A prime number can only be divided by one and itself and a composite number has more that two factors. Factors are the numbers that go into other numbers evenly. In Art, our new student was helping us write our names in Korean. When Jonathon came over to me, mine was completely different to what I thought.

I am grateful for having an easy and nice Christmas with my family.

A big welcome to Jonathon who has joined 6th class for 5 weeks from South Korea. Jonathon has settled straight in and we look forward to learning all about what life is like in South Korea and showing him what life is like here in Ireland. He has already shown us how to write our names in Korean.

New Year Resolutions

Stars of December 2019

Week 15

Junior Entrepreneur Programme – J.E.P


The whole class have been doing a project where you have to come up with your own product in your table group. Which people and our class know as J.E.P. Our table ( Alfie, Sophia,Finn, Ben, Laila and Sara) are making bags made out of our old clothes, which is good for the environment. Our product name is Reusables and we came up with our logo as well. We presented our project and they liked it. We made loads of bags, one made out of the top of a dress, a jean pocket, a tank top, a skirt and a jumper pocket. I made the bags with Sara, Alfie and Finn did the Finance, Laila presented our project and Ben wrote about the environment and how our project wouldn’t be harming it.

By Sara, Alfie, Finn, Sophia, Laila and Ben

Petal Pots

Our J.E.P project was called Petal Pots. It is a glass jar with 40g of soil, 6 Basil seeds or one teaspoon of mixed flower seeds and a compostable pot. Petal Pots are simple and easy to make, we are trying to sell them to schools, parents and young kids. They will be selling for €3 making a profit of €2.30 because they are 70c to make. Our aim is to make everybody more aware of how to help climate change. We intend on selling Petal Pots in markets, local gardening centres and cafes. They are an easy cheap and fun way to help with change.

By Amelie H, Sean, Ryan, Alex and Katie


The Bored jar is a jar filled with ideas to do when you are bored. We came up with the idea because we all get bored and we thought it would be a really fun idea to do. We used recycled jars and the ideas inside are made out of a piece of cardboard from a cereal box, we have about 20+ ideas inside. The labels are 3c each and the bows are 7c each, so they are cheap to make.. We decided the price before we made the product and we get a really big profit but we are going to give 10% of the profit to charity. We came up with a Rap for our presentation, we think it went well so hopefully we do well.

By Ruby, Eoin, Emma, Hunter, Sequoia and Hazel Mc

Eco Earth App

Our Junior Entrepreneur Project idea was an App about climate change. We all agreed on it because we thought that it is a very important topic right now. On our App we will have fun games, a quiz and important information. We are aiming it at Primary School teachers to help their students learn more about it. We hope that if we win, we will raise a lot of awareness. We were all happy with our presentation on Wednesday and we hope it went well.

By Zinnia, Maya, Nell, Sebastian, Alexandra and Dylan

Killiney Keyrings

Our project is a piece of driftwood that gives the effect of being dipped in paint. We were going to do keyrings made out of tin and hard plastic but that might have looked tacky, se we changed it to a more natural look and went for driftwood. We were going to maybe sell them outside garden centres if we won. We would sell them at the price of €2.50 and maybe give some to charity. To make them it worked out at 40c each. Our project is called Killiney Keyrings. Another extra point to make for our Keyrings is that if you ever drop your keys in water and they have a Killiney Keyring on them, they will always float!!

By Eve, Andrew, Jack, Amelie R, Hazel L and Theo

Ginger Bread Making

Week 14

Learning Log by Dylan O’Brion

This is the fourteenth week of the first term. Two weeks till Christmas. Six months left until Graduation. We have done lots of nice things this week, like seeing the Panto and third class Variety Show. This has been a really good week.

On Tuesday the day after the day off for Teacher training, we went to see the Panto. We saw it at the Mill Theatre in Dundrum. We went on a double decker bus. We took the top floor of the bus and our buddies took the bottom floor. When we got to the Theatre we went into the building. I thought that we were going to have to walk through Dundrum SC, I was kind of disappointed because I was planning on saying Hello to everybody we passed. Even though we did not walk through Dundrum SC I still got a few Hello’s in. We sat behind our buddies, once we were seated the Manager said we were still waiting for another school to come. The Panto was amazing, my favourite person was Polly.

We saw third classes Variety Show on Wednesday it was really good, there was lots of singing and dancing moves, there were also lots and lots of piano pieces. There were a few jokes and some football skills, there was lots of magic skills also and a bit of beat boxing, it was extremely good and a well organised Variety Show.

I am grateful that we have a very inclusive school.

Robin Hood Poems


For Christmas this year,Miss O’Connell did the shoe-box fundraiser again. We made a tree out of green hands, and placed the boxes underneath it. There were so many kind people that did the appeal that we could barely fit them all under the tree.. When it came to the point of putting all the boxes into Miss O’Connell’s Ford Focus there was hardly any room in it for Miss O’Connell to fit in! Thank you to anyone who sent in a box! By Eve 🙂

Week 13

Learning Log by Nell Noone

This week Ms.O’Connell was not in so we had a few different subs but it was actually an okay week but we missed Ms. O’Connell.

This week half of the class went to the hall and baked Gingerbread Men and the other half traced their hands on green paper and cut them out to make a Christmas tree out of our hands. I was in the group that had to trace their hands. We thought it was going to be bad but it was actually kind of fun and we are baking next week anyway.

On Thursday we had Yoga. We did alot of concentrating on our bodies. We also watched a video about a crazy monkey in our heads. It was kind of weird and confusing, I did enjoy it though.

We also learnt about Africa in our Geography books. That was my favourite thing this week, it was so interesting and we learnt so much. Lake Victoria is the second biggest freshwater Lake, it flows into the white Nile river which flows into debatably the longest river in the world, the river Nile. Africa also had the tallest freestanding mountain, it’s called Mount Kilimanjaro.

Overall this week I did really enjoy and it was quite interesting but we all missed Ms.O’Connell a lot.

Problem Solving Maths Fridays

This week Ms.O’Connell was not here but we had Ms Conroy and Ms Daly.

Week 12

Art – John Lewis Advertisement

Learning Log by Emma Lamb

This week was really fun and different. We sorted out stuff for the Winter Market, learnt how to multiply and divide fractions and lots more.

Yesterday we did GAA but it wasn’t Kevin it was Emmet. First we practiced hand passing and kicking and then we played the numbers game. The numbers game is when there are two teams and everyone on each team gets a number, then Emmet calls out a number and that number from both teams go against each other. Finally, we played a match.

Earlier today, people from fifth class brought in lots of games and puzzles. We sorted through them to see which ones were full and which ones had pieces missing. It was for the Winter Market and there was probably 70 games.

This week we drew pictures based on the John Lewis ad for 2019. I drew a picture of the girl standing in front of the door before she gave Edgar the Christmas pudding. First we sketched it out and then we used chalk pastels to colour and blended it with our fingers. Finally we stuck it on either a red or green sheet of paper.

I am grateful for Christmas.

Stars of the week for November

Week 11

It is the eleventh week in school. We have doing lots of very fun stuff like Dance, Maths, Yoga and Buddies.

This week we did dance twice. On Monday we did the last piece of the dance but today we did a number game, it is a game where the teacher calls out a number for example 66, your team would then have to make that number using all your team members. Sometimes she would put two groups together to make it harder. It is harder because you have to cram people into spots on the ground. After that we got straight into the dance. Since we had already finished the dance we just practiced it a few times.

On Thursday we had buddies. This week we did a project called All About Me. It is a project all about our buddies. We had to write their names in bubble writing, we then had to colour in the letters in different patterns. Next our buddies drew lots of things they liked. They drew things like food, drinks, animals, ipads and all sorts of other stuff. When we finished all of that we gave the poster up to Mr Doohan so he could add all the finishing touches to it.

By Dylan O’Brion


We are learning to play “Silent Night” on our Ukulele’s with Sebastian on a Monday morning. But we are doing lots of practice during the week and it is going well.

Week 10

Learning Log by Andrew

There was a football match Ireland vs Greece to qualify for Euro 2021. There was Yoga yesterday, I was tired for Yoga. We did Maths today but it was Fun Maths day. An Irish Independent man took our photograph today, it was supposed to be yesterday but he came today. Ryan won Star of the Week today. I am grateful for that Ryan got a Star of the week, so proud of him.

Star of the Week – Ryan

Week 9

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Heritage Workshop with Nessa – All about Bugs

We had a very interesting visitor on Wednesday the 16th of October, in Nessa, who is an Entomologist. An Entomologist is a person who studies insects, and we certainly learned a lot from her, like that insects are bugs which have 6 legs and sometimes wings.

By Katie Gaffikin.

When a woman called Nessa came in we learned a lot about bugs,including how some bugs have very unfortunate names ,and later, we went out to catch some bugs. Also, I caught a wasp with a special net.

By Ben Carey Smith




Frida Kahlo Inspired Self Portrait

Japanese Inspired Art

All About Me Portraits

Our Positivity Tree



October Week 3 and 4

This month was a very busy month. We had a lot of workshops and the last two weeks were especially fun. Here are some of the things we did…

Firstly, Flossie’s mum, Harriet came in to teach us about beach cleaning and tell us about their trip to Indonesia and the pollution they saw there.

We learned about how to take care of our environment by recycling the right types of plastics and putting the other types into general waste.

We went on a walk with our buddies (senior infants) to see what signs of autumn we could find. Some of the more interesting things we found included: Hazelnuts, hazelnut shells, different coloured leaves, conkers and their shells. It was really fun!!!

We also had a workshop with a company called GOAL. A woman called Maeve came in to teach us about Global Goals, sustainability and the United Nations.

We watched a few videos about kids from different places with different cultures. We also did a survey and we learned loads of new and different things.

By Hazel and Theo

October Week 2

This week we had dance with Katie. We started a dance to the song Good as Hell by the singer Lizzo. We also had GAA with Kevin from Cuala.

We also had yoga with Rachel from The Positive Living with Rachel Yoga Studio. We learnt some new moves including the warrior and aeroplane. Rachel also came up with a traffic light system to help us stay calm and do what we are told.

This week was mental health awareness week. We picked one quote out of a list of them. We also did a feeling thing e.g. When I do well in something, I am feeling happy.

In maths we had a test on subtraction, addition, multiplication and place value.

We also had to do a project on a Country in the Rugby World Cup. We had many different options on what way we wanted to do it. We could use book creator, a handwritten book or poster, a power-point or a typed up booklet.

We had Ukulele for music this week. Our Ukulele teacher is called Sebastian and he is from Argentina. We are learning a song called “With or Without” you by the band U2.

We talked about conflict this week. We got given a scenario and we decided in groups if it was aggressive, positive or up stander e.g. two people always walk home the direct route. But once some bully’s waited for them and called them names. So now they walk the long way. And that was passive because they avoided the bullies.

 By Amelie H and Sequoia

October Week 1

This week was really fun. We did PE, Art and Maths it was a very busy week.

This week for Art we did Japanese drawings. First we drew pictures of Japanese scenery and the next day we painted them with water colour paints.

On Thursday we did GAA with Kevin. The first thing we did was play a game called Land, Sea and Air. Next we did some drills and we learnt how to hand-pass properly. On Monday we did dance with Katy. First we did some warm ups and then we got into our dance, there was a girl’s part and a boy’s part.

We watched the rugby match (Ireland vs Russia) while some people went to yoga. It ended in Ireland winning, Ireland SMASHED them!!

We are grateful to be able to go to school.

By Emma and Sebastian

Stars of Sept/Oct

September Week 4

This week has beengreat with the class we learnt alot to get lots of knowledge back into our heads after the weekend.

In maths we did data it is really fun. We also did graphs they are very good because it is fun to draw them. At the start of every maths lesson we do a starting sum on our whiteboards the sum is different every day.

In Irish we did wanted posters which is a mix of art as well . You could chose anyone to base it on, then you do a picture of the person next you wrote “Ag Teastail Luch Sothair 1m which means wanted and reward 1m .

For the last week of beach school Ms O’Connell surprised us with a trip to the maritime museum. Our tour guide was really funny and we had a great laugh with him. His name is a mystery and we learnt a lot about shipwrecks and the Leinster boat we had a great time.

This week we are grateful that we had a chance to go to school and have fun with our friends.

By Zinnia and Ruby

September Week 2 & 3

These weeks we did many fun activities with Ms. O’ Connell and other teachers. We did most of it in class but we also left class for a very fun Scoil Fharraige every week. We learnt many things and are glad to have learnt them in a fun way.

We did lots of PE these weeks. Ms. O’ Connell decided that some dancing would be a great way to burn off some energy. The dances we did were the YMCA and a very fun (yet hard) dance to Proud Mary. They were both from YouTube, and the YMCA one was a just dance video. There are 4 characters in it; an American Football player, a Cowboy, a man in a suit with the British flag on it and a man wearing a head wrap. They are all men because YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association. 

We also did some interesting things this week. We did a group project on Japan. Our table worked together for this project and It was very interesting. we also did our Christmas cards VERY VERY early because it takes a long time to print.

Maths this week was addition and subtraction in place value. We revised My Dear Aunt Sally which stands for multiply divide add and subtract. So, if you had a sum, say 5 + 10 x 2, you must multiply first.

We really enjoyed this week and hope to have more fun like this.

By Ryan and Katie

September Week 1

This week was our first full week back to school, after the summer break.

On Thursday we did our first week of Scoil Fharraige (beach school). Once our class was all down in Sandycove we split into our groups, to go exploring on the rocks. Our goal was to try find shells, crabs, starfish, seaweed and other interesting things you can find on the beach. The class then met back up and showed everyone their finds. We all had great fun at Scoil Fharraige.

This week we got new buddies, we were helping them do a poster about themselves and colour it in. It was a short amount of time but we still had a brilliant time with the buddies.

In the classroom this week we did some art. We did self-portraits with a twist. The twist was one half would be our normal face and the other half resembled our face with all the things we like or love to do.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks of Scoil Fharraige and the new school year with Ms O’Connell. We are grateful for all the lovely things we do in and outside the classroom.

By Romy and Sean

What a start to 6th class, we have dived straight into Scoil Fharraige in our first week back in school and apart from it being hugely educational it has been great fun with beautiful weather, we had two low tide days where we did lots of exploring in the rock pools etc. Two high tide days, on one of them we had a quiz around the Yacht clubs and Piers of Dun Laoghaire. On the second day we had a tour of the Maritime Museum, really wonderful tour guides and so informative.