Sixth Class

Week 9

Star of Week 9 Hunter

Wednesday 6th November 2019

Heritage Workshop with Nessa – All about Bugs

We had a very interesting visitor on Wednesday the 16th of October, in Nessa, who is an Entomologist. An Entomologist is a person who studies insects, and we certainly learned a lot from her, like that insects are bugs which have 6 legs and sometimes wings.

By Katie Gaffikin.

When a woman called Nessa came in we learned a lot about bugs,including how some bugs have very unfortunate names ,and later, we went out to catch some bugs. Also, I caught a wasp with a special net.

by Ben Carey Smith




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Stars of Sept/Oct

What a start to 6th class, we have dived straight into Scoil Fharraige in our first week back in school and apart from it being hugely educational it has been great fun with beautiful weather, we had two low tide days where we did lots of exploring in the rock pools etc. Two high tide days, on one of them we had a quiz around the Yacht clubs and Piers of Dun Laoghaire. On the second day we had a tour of the Maritime Museum, really wonderful tour guides and so informative.