A neighbour reported a silver people carrier speeding up Hillcourt Road about 8:40am this morning leading to this reminder – Slow Down! Even Santa Claus has to drive the sleigh safely! We want to keep all children safe.

Our neighbour thanked those in the school community who park on one side only of the road – making it easier for elderly residents to drive in and out of their homes – and expressed appreciation for putting cones out daily as safe traffic visuals.

We are a Changemaker school community because…

We nurture empathy – seeing things from the other person’s point of view. If we want children to be empathetic, we as adults must model respectful actions and words.

Lots of families are helping the environment and themselves by cycling, parking and walking and asking DLRCoCo for more help in making travel to school safer and cleaner.

Thanks to Mike and Sixth class for creating a new space for bike racks and clearing space for us to use the back garden as an outdoor learning space.