Second Class

Welcome to 2nd Class 2018-19






On Monday the 28th of January, Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st & 2nd took the bus to the Mill Theatre in Dundrum to see Junior Einsteins do lots of experiments on stage for Stem Week 2019. We saw how slime was made and got to touch it. We saw some elephant toothpaste. it looked great fun to do this experiment. The scientist’s name was James. 





We are so lucky this term as we are learning to dance with Caoimhe. We are learning to dance to a song from ABBA called ‘Money Money Money’.Thank you Caoimhe.




Our school is 40 years old this year 1978-2018. We will celebrate in lots of different way throughout the year. In 2nd class we did a collage of the number 40. We work in 3s and each 3 did a section in the 4 and the 0. We also all took turns to colour in the heading.








We are learning about  ‘Mo Chlann’ this week

Cé mhéad daoine i do Chlann?

An bhfuil deirfiúr / deartháir agat?

deirfiúr          deartháir


Maths Week

Celtic Knots came to our school during maths week to teach us how to draw knots and use the knots in a celtic design. We then coloured our designs in..




Visitors to our school this term thought us about the way water flows. We went to the hall and used marbles as water drops.






Soil Sample Experiment

We left a sample of soil from the compost heap that was 2 years old on the window sill with water in it in our classroom.

When we came in the next day we noticed the following

* bugs, teabags, some plastic and worms

We felt there was too much water in the sample so we emptied some out. We left them for another night.



We are learning all about ourselves. We did Self Portraits, We drew pictures on how a tree changes and how we change ourselves.






We are learning all about our locality this week.We talked about where we live. We talked about all the amenities in our local area. We talk about our nearest mountain, lake, beach etc.


Following on from our geography lesson, we painted our favourite place. We picked from either The City, The beach or The Countryside.