We are delighted to observe the vast majority of children demonstrating a good understanding of our focus of the month – Respect. Families may want to have chats at home about how we show respect in different situations – respect for safety on the road, respect the cook, eat dinner and tidy up, respect by using kind words. This latter will be a work in progress throughout the year as children will need repeated reminders and modelling of kind, helpful, empathetic language. Hearing the same messages at home and school about respectful words and actions enhances learning and fosters sensitivity and compassion.

We will show respect for ourselves and to others by being kind and helpful.
We will respect our own property and that of others, by being careful with our possessions and equipment at school.
We will respect our surroundings by being tidy.

What’s happening in school?
Junior Infants are showing good cutting and sequencing skills. Senior Infants are very good at waiting to let others pass and standing at safe distances.

We see ethos in action through children’s voices: in Second Class we observed children teaching children: “There’s a Tens House and a Units House. You can’t fit 15 in the Units House so you put 10 in the Tens House and 5 in the Units house.” Classroom walls are beginning to look like art galleries with wonderful examples of self expression through pictures and stories. We want children to believe in themselves, to see and feel the beauty in themselves, in others and in the world around them – all part of our daily inclusive lived ethos.

Thanks to families cooperating with HSE guidelines for schools, keeping children home if unwell. A local school had to send two pods home this week so Covid is still out there. Let’s hope we can keep our children, staff and families healthy, especially those with underlying conditions. We can show empathy for one another by respecting the Covid 19 Public Health advice.