Class time with Junior Infants yesterday Wednesday, and yard time today Thursday with 1st – 6th classes prompted some staff to reflect on how proud we are to be part of DSP. In the yard we observed children playing a great range of games, role playing for the future, learning how to skip, exploring the environment, exercising and practising team sports.

Heard on the yard

Come on! Play on our team!

‘I am in charge and I am telling you what to do.’

You can’t tell me what to do. I am eighteen!’

‘As long as you live in this house you will follow my rules!’

Can we play with X? She is by herself.

Thank you to the many caring and creative children in our school for making our school yard inclusive and friendly, and a place where we can solve problems when the arise.

(Any parents/guardians recognise their voices in the role play?!)

Junior Infants demonstrate a huge amount of learning achieved in only two months. The Jolly Juniors participate in class activities in their own individual way. Observations showed children lifting chairs to fit under the desk (motor skills, awareness of environment), sharing storybooks (curiosity, connecting, interpersonal skills), tidying (maths – sorting, classifying materials), listening and responding to poetry (rhyme, rhythm, creativity).

It is wonderful to see the same commitment to team work and hard work in this, our fortieth year. Watch this space for announcements on our social media plan for collecting memories, celebrating the past, building the future!

Thanks to the parents who came in after school today and set up the hall for the Halloween Party. Get ready for a spooky last day of term whether in class or at Killiney Hill for Forest Friday!