It is wonderful to see children making meaningful connections between outdoor learning and their own child led games in yard time. We notice many children interacting with the natural environment in creative ways during break time – designing fairy worlds, dens, villages – with sticks, leaves, stones, grass, ideas learned during forest school.

At DSP we have access to a variety of beautiful outdoor spaces. Compared to inner city schools, for example, we are indeed very privileged. Sincere thanks to the teachers, assistants and parents involved in leading and supporting forest school. The Forest Friday blog is a treasure trove of pictures showing children leading learning and expressing their thoughts/feelings/ideas, totally engaged. It is updated weekly. You might pick up a few ideas for playdates from some of the activities shown on the blog – let the children teach you!

A parent shared a story about how a 4th class child did a magnificent job as mentor to a Junior Infant child at Killiney Hill at a family birthday celebration recently. The families went to visit the base camps (that are part of Forest Fridays). The older child was able to teach the younger child how to keep themselves and their environment safe and happy. This is an excellent example of a child extending and applying their learning outside the school experience – learning at the deepest level.