Maths Evaluation June 2018

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Maths is fun!

Since the introduction of Mathletics into the school the children are really engaged in what it has to offer. As we now have extra iPads for the upstairs classrooms, it has become an integral part of the maths lessons on a regular basis. Each child has a weekly target of 1000 points which they can work at their own pace. Some have been very successful in achieving Bronze and Silver certificates. A big congratulations to those children.

Maths Stations 4th 5          Maths Stations 4th 1

4th Class are active in engaging in problem-solving activities on Fridays. The skills of writing down the problem , talking with their partner and working in a logical way are all skills which make problem-solving that little bit easier. Here are some comments the children made during the session : “Really good”, “Great fun way of learning”, “…proud of yourself.” and  “Quite fun….problems can be hard but once you get them you feel relieved that you accomplished the task”.

Maths Stations 4th 3       Maths Stations 4th 2


Maths in Action!

Term 1 – 2015.

Mathletics in now available to all children in DSP thanks to our PTA.’ Mathletics is a web-based learning program that integrates home and school learning via the internet’ (Mathletics Welcome Pack 2015). Each child has a unique password and username giving the access at home on the a PC or iPad. They can also challenge each other online too which makes it competitive in a fun way.

Here are some children from 4th Class  having fun on Mathletics !

Dec2105 Maths4th Dec2105 Maths4th2 Dec2105 Maths4th6

Numeracy is our main curriculum focus this academic year.

To get us back into working mode after Christmas, both 4th and 5th Class are participating in MATHletes Challenge ( . This is a free national maths competition for Irish primary and secondary students. Pupils compete with their schools and/or as individuals online using the website Khan Academy ( which is a free, safe and secure online resource. There is a chance of winning cash grants to use for technology in the classroom. Good luck to everyone who is participating.



Nov Dec 2014 040


Fifth class have been busy working on Fractions for the past few weeks. Pictured above are Lily and Ruby making great strides in the addition and subtraction of Mixed numbers. The hard work and determination has paid off!

Nov Dec 2014 042 Maths

Sixth Class have been looking at SCRATCH programming – which is basically computer programming for children of all ages. For further information check out Best of all it’s free !!

Nov Dec 2014 044 Scratch

Nov Dec 2014 048 Scratch

Maths stations in 6th Class -hard at it! Computer programmers of the future maybe…?


General - Jan 2015 012a

Take a look at the work we’re doing on Problem Solving and our Problem of the week.

As part of our work in Numeracy across the whole school , we are putting up a Problem of the Week for the children to ‘Have a Go’. The


problem for Junior Infants – 2nd is at the top of the inside stairs and for 3rd – 6th it’s on the wall outside 4th. They are encouraged to use the Problem Solving Strategies which are displayed along with the problem.

This is the problem for the week beginning Dec 1st :


This is the problem for week beginning Dec 8th:

maura (2) ( Sourced from a Maths Puzzle Book – Author unknown)

For Term 2 we have decided to start looking at what maths can be seen around us , at home , at school and in the local environment. This is helped by using a Resource Pack called ‘Developing Maths Eyes’ . The main aim is to encourage children to use their eyes when they’re out and about – that maths is not just for school. More information can be found on It’ll now be up to the children to create problems for others to solve based on the posters put up around the school. So, next time you’re out and about see can you spot maths in the environment.

Maths Eyes Term 2 004a


Tech week 2015 is to promote the idea of a career in IT and letting children see that it’s not as intimidating as it may appear. We have been looking at the way in which IT is being used in the classrooms . There’s no signs of children being intimidated by technology here…!


April 2015 002a

4th Class carry out research on children’s ideas about the school..

April 2015 005a

We love using iPads!

April 2015 012a

6th Class working on their Dragon’s Den project.



This is our  School Self Evaluation Report







How many waves did I draw?


Can you show me 8?



Some problems from Maths Week


Maths display