Fourth class children were enthusiastic activists last week. On hearing funds for Creativity in the Classroom and Forest School might be reduced, they wrote letters to our local TDs to seek help in securing funds for community art projects such as Creativity in the Classroom (historically funded by DLR). After writing the letters, four children set off to cycle to the nearest postbox to post the letters. We look forward to hearing from our local representatives and hope we will not lose funds for one of our favourite educational programmes.

Funding for forest and outdoor sessions is a joint venture. DLR Creativity in the Classroom part funds payment of artists and the school pays the balance – half from the Board of Management funds and half from PTA fundraising. “Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have been hugely supportive of this project over the years via their DL Arts Grants Scheme. This year however there is a delay in the release of the grant scheme and unfortunately cuts to this Grant Scheme.” (Maree Hensey, Secretary, Creativity in the Classroom)

If speaking with local representatives or discussing the upcoming budget, please highlight the importance of funding to the Arts sector especially those projects with an educational link.

Thanks to Fourth class for the important discussions and immediate action!