We look forward to our Valentine’s breakfast tomorrow morning. Thanks to parents for organising and to staff for facilitating a change to the school routine. The children are fortunate to have a community committed to providing many wonderful learning opportunities.

Safety at drop off and pick up

We’ve had some alarming reports from parents about near accidents and one report about an actual crash. It is every driver’s responsibility to be respectful of other road users and in particular of children who are still learning road safety: “Parent and two children were crossing the road, safely at Hillcourt, there were no cars in sight but before we reached the pavement on the other side a car that was parked on that corner, facing in the direction of the school, suddenly and abruptly went full speed in reverse around it, leaving myself and the girls totally vulnerable just 3 foot from the pavement. It was extremely scary for us and for 2 other parents who witnessed this with their children looking on.”

Can we ask again that parents adopt a SAFE park and walk habit. Let after school drivers know of our traffic plan. Spread love through thoughtful driving and parking practices.