The race is on for Election 2020! Now is the time for every parent, grandparent, friend of the school, voter to act as advocates for The Right Inclusion Model for Every Child. Let’s follow the courageous actions of our founding members in the 1970s and be the leading school in campaigning for inclusive education where all children can achieve their best.




Below are the links to email politicians with information about our campaign. Better still, visit their clinics. Be ready when election candidates are in the neighbourhood. Read the documentation, learn what our asks are, be ready to share them with people canvassing at the doors.




Thanks to the Kids Behind the Cuts team for their hard work. Many school principals are emailing Miriam requesting the school packs for their school communities. Together we can make this a national issue and get The Right Inclusion Model for Every Child.





 Letter to Parents 


Sample Letter to Politicians 


School Pack Briefing 


TDs list and record of responses