Safety online

As we learn to use new online platforms, we must learn how to follow the the correct protocols and procedures as described in our Acceptable Use of Technology Policy (AUTP). Sharing of images from Zoom assemblies is not permitted. As a school, we need to prioritise safety of children over the wish to share pictures. Here’s an excerpt from the AUTP:

  • Parents/Guardians, children and staff must not use devices to record and/or alter in any way audio, image or video – live or pre-recorded – unless specifically permitted by the school. 
  • Parents/Guardians, children and staff must ensure that they never share any media of children in school online, including their own social media profiles unless expressly permitted by the school and anyone appearing in the media.

In order to ensure the safety of every child, parents/guardians will have to sign the AUTP. Children will not be able to attend Zoom assemblies or class check-ins unless parents/guardians submit a permission. You have two options:

  1. Click on the Aladdin Connect permissions icon.
  2. Email the office I, parent of ______________ (child/ren) agree to the requirements of the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. Signed: _____(parent name)

The revised AUTP was posted and emailed on 5th May 2020.

Outdoor learning

Keep an eye out for the Monday morning updates on our Forest School page. It’s listed on the menu under Classes and Curriculum. Here’s the latest update:

Do share with each other and your teachers what you have explored. Send photos, poems, recordings to your class SeeSaw.


Thanks to every family who is doing their best in challenging circumstances. It is wonderful to hear of children getting on with their learning activities. Parents/Guardians are doing an amazing job as home educators, each in their own way, in spite of job loss, extra work, space and resource issues, health concerns and wellbeing worries.

This extended time at home suits some children yet is difficult for others, leading to huge demands on parents. We reiterate our commitment to supporting your child’s learning, to staying connected, to sharing best practice.

Thanks to the staff who, dedicated to providing an inclusive education, are working every day to support children in differentiated ways. As our beautiful art piece in the Halla reminds us: Learn Together, Live Together. These days we are learning how to live separately for a temporary time so that we can come back together safe and well – in the way we love most, face to face!