We are grateful to families who are keeping children home when showing symptoms, even if it appears to be just a cold, and for checking with doctors if a Covid test is required. Thanks to parents who informed us of children being potential close contacts and for keeping them home.

A reminder of HSE advice: if a child has a runny nose or other minor signs of illness and/or is ‘off-form’, no fever of 38.00C or higher, no cough, no difficulty breathing and no contact with an ill person or recent travel to another country, you should keep your child home from school or childcare for 48 hours. Monitor your child’s illness for any signs of getting worse, or for any new signs of illness. If their illness is not worsening, and there are no new signs of illness AND your child does not need paracetamol or ibuprofen to feel better, then your child can return to school or childcare.

See link for further details: https://www.hpsc.ie/a-z/respiratory/coronavirus/novelcoronavirus/guidance/educationguidance/Isolation%20quick%20guide%20under%2013s.pdf