We hope families are settling into some kind of routine in these unusual times and that the Learning Activities sheet sent through Aladdin is proving useful. Remember, these are suggestions only. We recommend you prioritise family wellness and strive for a routine that suits you.

Fortunately, we are a primary school without the pressure of exam dates. Bear in mind, this is a learning time for us all and our best course of action is to be patient, empathetic and supportive of one another. Learning to set up different home routines and establishing new norms will take time for all families.

Many people are volunteering through different platforms e.g. teaching/caring for healthworkers’ children as they work longer hours, returning to work as healthcare professionals, assisting elderly family/neighbours. Also many families are adjusting to losing jobs and being on the dole. Change is hard and we are in an extended time of transitions. We are strongest when we work together and assist one another in a compassionate manner.

Meanwhile, if you have information you wish to share in confidence, you can leave a message on 01-2857199 or info@dspns.ie and we will get in touch with you.