Internet Safety Talks – 22 January 2019

Internet safety talks for children 2nd – 6th classes will take place on Tuesday 22nd January 2019.

Internet safety talk for parents/guardians will take place on Tuesday evening 22nd January 2019 in the halla. Managing social media is a challenge for all parent/guardians. This talk will empower parents /guardians with practical ideas on building healthy interactions with screens.

Garda Vetting

Dear Parents/Guardians

We are reviewing our Garda Vetting records.  Some classes have many parents Garda Vetted.  Best practice for Child Protection recommends that all school volunteers should be Garda Vetted.  If you are free to volunteer anytime in the school we recommend you apply for Garda Vetting.  This GV will be valid for your entire time as a DSP parent/guardian.

Please check your emails for further details.