All of us who have been fortunate enough to be in school this week have that Friday feeling. Hurray, it’s the weekend! We have had another wonderful week of connecting face to face, engaging in curious conversations and critical thinking. Junior Infants to 2nd classes have enjoyed indoor and outdoor learning together. We have experienced March weather including four seasons in one day on Thursday. Today winds are blowing through the school giving life skills learning opportunities we can explore together and decide on individual preference: what can I do to keep myself warm?

Thanks to 3rd to 6th classes for dropping book boxes

All boxes dropped to the hall have been moved to classes in preparation for Monday morning. We are hugely appreciative of the families from Junior Infants to 2nd classes for physical distancing these past two weeks. We encourage the same level of cooperation from 3rd to 6th classes. We hope to keep our school open by keeping the virus out. Children from 3rd upwards are well able to to walk or cycle at least part of the journey to school by themselves. Follow Road Safety rules and listen to Sharon, the traffic warden, who is delighted to be back helping children come to school safely. Remember all parents must complete a Parental Declaration regarding children’s health – check the Aladdin Connect Permissions.

Lá le Padraig Tuesday 16th March – wear green, white or orange

We look forward to celebrating our Irish heritage in a physically distanced way on Tuesday 16th March 2021. Dressing up is a way to give ourselves a lift out of routines. The national holiday on Wednesday will help all those who might struggle with getting up earlier and adjusting to the pace of daily school routines.

Be kind to yourself and others

While we are delighted to be returning to whole school attendance we need to keep in mind that we are still living through very challenging times. We must sustain our emotional selves by checking in on our sense of self. We are aware children (and adults) will have responded differently to extended time at home. School will be a space for actively listening to one another and allowing time to connect and re-establish routines in a way mindful of differences yet drawing on the strength of collective participation. As the founders of the DSP recommended: Learn Together to Live Together.