Did you know one of our parents saved a woman from drowning? Barry is one of those people who achieves extraordinary things quietly and repeatedly. Barry is a parent who lives and breathes and promotes our ethos every day.

The news link details the spectacular rescue. Meanwhile, here are some of the ways Barry works to make DSP the inclusive, empathetic, creative school community that it is:

Did you know?

Barry is one of the ECA organisers – a significant task including timetabling and payments – and the move to online bookings!

Barry is one of the ECA football coaches on Saturday mornings.

Barry is actively supporting the ‘Meet the Kids behind the Cuts’ campaign by volunteering to do the social media.

And Barry has his day job. And Barry is a family man. And Barry does not know about this post going up.

Thank you Barry for being a role model for each and everyone one us!