We are delighted to make it to half term with everyone helping to keep the virus from our school community. We are a privileged group of people. Thanks to parents/guardians for participating in Clap for your Community this morning and afternoon. The staff really have earned your appreciation for their professionalism, empathy, creativity and teamwork. They have adjusted schedules, curriculum delivery practices and embraced the outdoors where, as Professor Luke O’Neill, TCD, reported, chances of getting the virus are reduced by 19 times – just by being outside!

We have enjoyed a term of steady learning in all classes, with fun activities through explorations in drama, PE, music, art, curious conversations and exciting discoveries outdoors. Children from Infants to Sixth are acquiring remarkable independence skills in managing their own belongings. The Lost Property box has been used very little – usually we would have two bags of good quality coats, jackets and jumpers abandoned. Now we have less waste, happier families and healthier planet earth! How wonderful it is to see so many children walking and cycling to school! Great life skills for children – and more time for parents when older children can travel independently!

Thanks to staff and parents involved in Individual Education Planning meetings which we conducted via Zoom this week. We will hold general parent/teacher meetings in late November via Zoom:

Wednesday 25th November 2020 for Junior and Senior Infants, First and Second classes

Thursday 26th November for Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth classes

We will release booking slots to parents/guardians when we return to school after half term.

The school community continues to keep connections open and active through the work of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Board of Management (BoM). Both committees held their AGMs and welcomed new committee members. More on that in the next half term.

Meanwhile, hope everyone gets some rest, extra sleeps and outdoor activities over the midterm. Happy Halloween!