Two weeks into the summer term and we can report lots of happy learning taking place in all classes. During breaks, the yard is filled with sounds of children laughing and squealing, the thud of basketballs ad footballs, the calls of make-believe animals, the silence of sit spots.

In classrooms, children are settling into routines and re-learning taking turns to speak, paying attention for longer periods, persisting with tasks that might be challenging, accepting different personalities and different ways of doing things.

Board of Management Summary Report

A meeting of DSPNS Board of Management (BOM) was held on Monday  19th April 2021 (via Zoom).

Items on the agenda included the Principal’s Report, Treasurer’s report, Voluntary Contributions (VCs), Communications, Maintenance, and Buildings report.  Specific items included:

  1. The Board welcomes reports of a safe and joyous return to school with daily experiences of happy learning taking place.
  2. The Board acknowledges the tremendous work done to facilitate forest learning for every child during this school year when safe outdoor spaces were most needed.
  3. The Board thanks all who have made much needed voluntary contributions. A reminder letter will issue shortly as expenditure remains high and fundraising was affected by Covid requirements.
  4. The Board approved the Student Teacher Placement Policy, the External Persons to Supplement Curriculum Delivery Policy and timeframe amendments to the procedure of the Enrolment Policy 2018.

Parent Declaration Forms

We remind all families that if a child is absent we need to know the reason for absence and we need a signed Parent Declaration Form when the child returns to school. We are fortunate to have a school community that cares about the other children in the class and the vulnerable relations at home that we may be in contact with. Continued high vigilance will keep all members of our school community safe.

Advice from HSE

“A child with a runny nose or other minor signs of illness and ‘off-form’, no fever of 38.00C or higher, no cough, no difficulty breathing and NO contact with an ill person or recent travel to another country

You should keep your child home from school or childcare for 48 hours. Monitor your child’s illness for any signs of getting worse, or for any new signs of illness. If their illness is not worsening, and there are no new signs of illness AND your child does not need paracetamol or ibuprofen to feel better, then your child can return to school or childcare.”

See link for further details:

Let’s learn from our beautiful children – give someone you love a helping hand this weekend!

Enjoy a safe and happy weekend!