Save the Date: Halloween Disco – Friday 25th October @3pm. 

      PTA             Wanted:  ENCOURAGERS!!

We have a great school that each of us chose for a reason. In being super lucky to get a place, every parent in the school is automatically part of the PTA, it’s not just something the class reps belong to. We need everyone involved.
We are encouraging everyone to be an active member and to come along to our next meeting and meet and enjoy a cuppa n’ cake. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be signed up for something automatically just for showing up, and you won’t be expected to take on any big role. We are simply looking for us to support each other, to be encouragers to one another and to take away any fear of the unknown and find out more. 
It’s our children. It’s our school. An encouraging community makes us better!!
So, maybe say it to a friend in your class and buddy up for the night and please make a special effort to come along on MON, OCT 14th @ 7.30pm in the Halla.