We are grateful for

Valentine’s Breakfast
parents in classes
Chinese dance
teachers working
Mindful Moments…

Founders Day
re-writing lyrics
70s fashion
singing our hearts out
class visits and celebrations…

Book Week
authors visits
dressing up
reading with buddies…

Behind the scenes teachers and SNAs plan and work together to create exciting and meaningful learning experiences for the children in so many ways it would take a book to describe them all e.g. ┬áreading groups, Individual Education Plans, maths stations, re-applying to Special Educational Needs Organisers, singing, visiting teachers, friendship circles, science, timetables changing last minute, digital learning, peer mediation – to list but a few.

Next week we are planning for Seachtain na Gaeilge and Climate Action. And we have yet share the summaries of the last BoM or PTA meetings – again, multiple plans and actions taking place behind the scenes, thanks to all involved.

Lots and lots going on that we are grateful for. We close this post mindful of the many happy learning moments whether listed above or not.