AS we enjoy some fine weather, we need to remind parents/guardians about our dress code. It is very important we educate children about clever marketing and guide them towards making dress choices that are age appropriate.

We ask you to speak with your children – particularly older classes – to discuss what clothes are suitable for school. Below is the dress code from our Code of Behaviour. 

Dress Code

The school does not require children to wear a uniform. All T-shirts, sweaters and other forms of clothing bearing the school logo are optional.

There are however, some basic rules about dress which need to be observed. All children should come suitably dressed for attending a primary school where the age is 4 years to 12 or 13 years.

In particular:

• It is essential that the clothes the children are wearing are safe for playing on the yard, for example:
– Shoes should be flat and tied properly;
– Very wide and/or very long trousers or skirts are not suitable for safety reasons;
• Bikini type and off the shoulder tops, extremely short skirts or shorts are not suitable dress for school;
• No underwear should be showing;
• Only small stud earrings are permitted.
• The use of make-up is not permitted;
• Sun cream/ hat should be provided by Parents/Guardians for your children during the summer term.
• Children should dress suitably for PE and movement activities e.g. tracksuit, leggings, shorts. Jeans are not suitable for PE and movement activities. Runners/trainers should be worn. Hair should be tied up. No hard hair bands/clips should be worn.