Next Friday, Sept. 20th, thousands of children around the world will leave school to join the global climate strike, campaigning for government action to address the Climate Emergency. The DSP community is joining in!

Last year, around 50 students and parents from DSP joined the march in Dublin. We were inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who started her strike on Fridays one year ago, to protest against government inaction on the climate emergency. It was a fun and energising day out, and showed our kids the power of making their voices heard. We expect to have a much bigger group this year.

Here are a few important things to know:

  • For the march, we’ll take the Dart, and joining a large crowd in Dublin. So parents of participating students either need to attend themselves, or make arrangements with another parent to look after their children during the event. And it may not be suitable for younger children. 
  • This is not an official school activity, and DSP staff won’t attend, so classes will continue on Friday. Any DSP parents interested in joining or learning more can join a WhatsApp group here at this link: **removed due to inappropriate use** [THIS LINK IS FOR PARENTS OF STUDENTS IN DALKEY SCHOOL PROJECT, OTHER SCHOOLS SHOULD SET UP THEIR OWN]
  • In the few before the event, we hope to organise activities to build awareness, like making posters, and writing letters to politicians. Watch this space.

Here’s an outline of what will happen on Friday Sept. 20th:

  • What students participating in the climate strike should do:

– bring only a small bag with lunch, water, maybe a book. And your placard if you have one

– leave your full school bag at home

– bring a leap card or a few euros for Dart fare

– remind your teacher on Friday morning that you’re going on the climate strike at 10.30am 

– watch the clock – at 10.30, get up, put your coat on, come out to the main school entrance to meet parents and chaperones

  • The itinerary from then on:

– we walk to the Dart at Glenageary for the train at 11am

– we’ll be at Tara Street 30min later, at the Customs House for 12pm

– we’ll let kids eat whenever they’re hungry

– after the march ends at 2pm, most parents will bring kids back on the Dart again. Some will join another climate rally in Dun Laoghaire that begins at 3pm

It’s up to each parent to work out details for their child directly, with the parent who’s taking them. Remember this is not an official school event

Finally, more information on the Global Climate Strike, and Irish activities, is at these links: