Feedback from parents

“It was the best thing about the week for her.”

“After the sessions he was exhausted. And filthy– which I loved!”

“She took control of how many layers of thermals and other clothes she needed to be able to really enjoy being outside for a long time.”

“There has been a lot more nature coming back to the house.  I was told to put leaves in dinner for it to taste and smell better!”

“He gained confidence in being outdoors, knowledge of trees and forest animals, bonding with his group and respecting nature.”

“She gained a new independence and confidence in the outdoors, great knowledge about her surroundings and a renewed interest in Killiney Hill and going on nature walks.”

“He gained knowledge and happiness.  I think the sense of freedom made him happy.”

“She learned that learning can be fun and that learning about the ‘real’, ‘actual’ world is important, necessary and fun.”

“He likes school even more.”

“He’s encouraging his siblings to make things with natural/organic items.”

“She was starting to whinge at the mention of going to the hill or to other woods.  Now she is mad to go.”

“She seems more robust.”

“He’s happy to walk more places!”

“Now we always go off the paths and he likes to show me different things in the forest.”

“He’s more enthusiastic about being outdoors, especially when we’re in an area he can explore, rather than a playground.”

“He even had his great aunt, uncle and nana playing the food chain game in the forest last week.  Much more fun.”

“She sees being outside now as perfectly natural.”

“If they did it every year, it would change our world!”

“It was grounding and she learned so much about nature and the local animals in Killiney and loved that they had nettle or gorse or whatever tea.”

“The children were all so engaged.”

“They seem to be learning so much, that they are toughening up and gaining confidence.”

“She was always happy, even when soaked!”

“A good idea to show kids that learning isn’t just about classrooms and books.”

“He was telling me all about the food chain the other day while sitting up a tree in the forest.”

“It is great that that are outdoors in the fresh air, hail or shine and getting to see things for real.”

“I loved the way all the games included learning and that they had quiet spaces and even a forest toilet.”

“He was at his ‘peak happiness’ on Forest school days.”