Curriculum links

Learning at Forest School using the principles of the curriculum

These quotes are taken verbatim from the principles of the primary school curriculum (PSC).  So much learning is happening in every Forest school session that is not necessarily obvious to everyone.  I hope the pictures and the principles on which we base our learning speak more than a thousand words!

The child’s sense of wonder and natural curiosity

“The impulse for such learning is the child’s sense of wonder at the complexity of the world, the desire to understand it, and the spontaneous impetus to explore it through play.” PSC

“This sense of wonder, together with the child’s natural curiosity, is at the heart of the learning process and provides the purest and most valuable motivating factor in the child’s learning.” PSC

“It is in cultivating the sense of wonder that the curriculum can provide the most fulfilling learning experience for the child and foster an appreciation of the value of learning.” PSC

Environment based learning

“First-hand experience that actively engages the child with the immediate environment and with those who live in it is the most effective basis for learning.” PSC

“This first-hand experience provides a reference framework for the understanding of more abstract concepts. A rich experience of different aspects of the curriculum outside the classroom adds enormously to the relevance and effectiveness of children’s learning.” PSC

The aesthetic dimension

“The curriculum enables the child to perceive the aesthetic dimension in every area. This enriches the learning experiences for the child and the different aspects of conceptual development.”

The child’s social and emotional development

“It is widely recognised that the child’s social and emotional development significantly influences his or her success in learning.  This is addressed most effectively through a school ethos that is characterised by a caring, interactive relationship between teachers and pupils.” PSC

“By providing children with a successful and happy school experience, by nurturing essential intrapersonal and interpersonal development, and by developing communication skills, children’s self-esteem and self-confidence are raised and their motivation to learn is increased.” PSC

The Forest Friday sessions are a great example of the inclusive and diverse ethos of both the curriculum and our school.  It’s fantastic that every child gets to benefit and this wouldn’t be possible without the support and hard work of everyone involved.  A heartfelt thank you to all involved.