Outdoor learning got off to a great start this week!  The children in Senior Infants, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Class were so excited to be back in the forest together. Some came equipped with notebooks ready to record new findings and do some sketching. On the way to base camp they noticed bird sounds, pine needles, fungus, animal paths to mention a few. 

Some children made up their own art activity. They were planning on sketching gorse but ended up experimenting with the different colours they could make with the grass, dandelions, and some wild flowers they found.

The children came up with an idea to write a book called ‘Everything Good about Trees’ and the first line could be ‘The best things about trees is they listen and don’t give mean comments.’ ‘Trees can be anyone’s friend’, hopefully they will start the book next week in class.

The children loved getting to know their own tree, naming them and creating tree faces for their tree.

5th Class – Creating tree faces
2nd Class – The Pirate Tree