We celebrated Diwali last week with lots of class discussions and some wonderful art. Diwali is the first of many festivals of light that we will explore over the next few weeks through the Learn Together programme.

Many cultures tell stories of people who act as guiding lights in their communities. At DSP we are very fortunate to have many people who shine their creative, empathetic and wise lights on us all. One such person is parent Jenny A who is stepping down from the Board of Management after four years of service. Jenny was a sound and trustworthy support especially over the enrolment/admissions policy review and implementation. Jenny contributed hugely to discussions and decisions that positively influenced the interpretation and enactment of an inclusive and empathetic ethos in DSP. Fortunately Jenny will not be far away and is willing to be consulted if necessary in future.

The Board of Management (BoM) has the immense responsibility of making decisions to enable – the safe running of the school on behalf of children and staff; the support for maintaining innovative and inclusive programmes; the provision of quality teaching and learning spaces and resources; understanding and living the DSP ethos.

We are always looking for names of school community members who might be willing to volunteer to become Board members. Board membership benefits from a broad range of skills e.g. education, legal, IT, interpersonal, organisational, management, multi-cultural, financial etc. If you or someone you know is willing to be nominated for Board membership, please email info@dspns.ie for further information.

Be the light you would like to see shining in our community!