We hope people are well rested after the winter break. We are aware that many have had flu and colds. If further time off is needed to return to full health, do keep your child at home. We want to spread happiness, not infections, at school this month!

Environmental learning

January is a great month for developing positive new habits. Let’s keep ourselves healthy, keep our school gates safe and keep our neighbours happy. How? Walk or cycle or scoot some of the way to school. 

Mobility learning

Happiness is our theme for the month of January.
We will spread happiness by showing a positive attitude to work and play.
We will spread happiness by helping others and being cheerful and kind.
We will spread happiness by being grateful for what we have.

Learning outdoors

As adults, let’s show a positive attitude to the morning drop off. How can you ease the stress for yourself, be considerate of neighbours, other drivers and safety of children? Most families have figured out their morning routines, allowing time to park and walk. Give your child the gifts of fresh air, exercise and resilience by enabling them to walk/cycle/scoot safely to school.