We were happy and sad on Wednesday 23rd June during the 6th class 2021 graduation. The children (young adults) did themselves proud at their zoom graduation. The good communication between the 6th class team and PTA reps was evident in the beautiful videos, photos, speeches, music etc. that made for a wonderful and moving ceremony. The event ran smoothly (with some sound blips!) with memorable pictures of the wide variety of exciting activities the class enjoyed from Junior Infants to 6th.

A video of the event was sent to each family – thanks to the tremendous sharing of skills between staff. We are very fortunate to have a school team that collaborates and supports one another, and shares talents in a non-competitive, cooperative, trusting manner.

5th class made an enthusiastic guard of honour as 6th walked off to receive their last DSP ice creams – funded by the PTA. Farewell 6th class 2021! We are delighted to know a bunch of promising and confident young people are ready to start their secondary school adventures.