We look forward to celebrating 40 years of being a child and learner-centred school during the school year 2018-2019. The Student Council raised our flag with the new school logo in June 2018. Over the coming year we will explore what it means to be the first Educate Together school in the country. The success of DSP has enabled the set up of many more progressive and inclusive schools: https://www.educatetogether.ie/media/national-news/back-to-school-2018

We look forward to seeing all the children tomorrow morning at 8:30am. We extend a special welcome to all new pupils in Junior Infants and those in Senior Infants and 4th class. We know they will be looked after very well by their classmates and the school community.

Love all children. Keep them safe!

Park and Walk: Keep school gates safe, respect our neighbours, enjoy a walk with your child(ren):https://www.dspns.ie/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/School-Traffic-Plan-April-2014.pdf

Peanut free school: We are welcoming a new junior infant who has severe allergies (life threatening) requiring us to implement a school wide ban on peanuts. It is essential we keep the whole school PEANUT FREE i.e. no peanuts or peanut products. Junior and Senior Infants classes are implementing a ban on all nuts, nut products, eggs and egg products. Prevention is the key to keeping children safe. 

We are delighted many Infants parents/guardians have responded so positively to this challenge, pledging cooperation with the peanut and egg free Infant classes and also enquiring about what foods to bring to school. Staff received training from the boy’s parents today e.g. use of wipes, identification of triggers/signs, use of epipen.

Information Meetings

Junior and Senior Infants Information Meeting will be held on Thursday 6th September at 7:00pm. Many school practicalities will be discussed at that meeting.

Schedule for Information Meetings for 1st – 6th classes will be issued as soon as confirmed.