Our theme is Parenting for Positive Mental Health. We invite parents/guardians and staff to submit questions ahead of the event for the panel to discuss. This is an opportunity for people to ask questions anonymously. Place a sealed envelope labelled ‘Questions for Ethos event’ in the General Office Correspondence postbox.

Chairperson for the evening is Moninne Griffith http://www.belongto.org/moninne-griffith-executive-director/
Speakers on the panel include
Joanna Fortune psychotherapist and author of 15 Minute Parenting: The quick and easy way to connect with your child https://solamh.com/password
Keith Gaynor whose research looks at Emotional Regulation, Psychosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Pilot Mental Health and Loneliness https://people.ucd.ie/keith.gaynor
Belinda Kelly psychotherapist working on parenting issues, stress management, grief, panic attacks, anxiety and suicidal thinking https://www.belindakelly.ie
Mark Matthews whose research investigates the interplay between wellbeing and technology https://people.ucd.ie/mark.matthews