Last year, 5th class created a plan to improve our locality by introducing biodiversity to the Sallyglen area. They wrote to DLRCoCo with their plans. Today those plans became action. Mark from DLRCoCo brought hedge saplings and some 6th class helped plant them. Another part of the 5th class plan was put into action with a notice reminding grass-cutters not to mow under the trees. This will allow a wild patch to grow in Sallyglen. We look forward to observing that develop.


We know we have many environmental changemakers in our school community and look forward to encouraging participation in the climate action on Friday 15th March 2019.

We are holding lessons in all classes on climate action next week. Many parents are bringing their children into town, departing about 10:30am. We are not participating in the strike as a whole school. Our action will be on site, holding discussions, cheering on those heading in to the gathering. We ask parents taking children from the school on Friday to send us written permission by Tuesday 12th March 2019. School policy requires us to keep in school those children who do not present written permission.

The hall will be available for parents to facilitate placard making on Wednesday 13th March 2019. This is being organised by the climate action parents group.

We are delighted to welcome speakers to the school on Wednesday morning:

John Gibbons, environmental journalist – explaining climate science tothe kids, how it works, why their voice is important. Anja Murray, presenter, RTE EcoEye – explaining nature and climate change, why it’s important to make sure that our species thrive and survive.

How fortunate are we to have such experts sharing with us! We are grateful for all the people who make us a Changemaker school.