Celebrating the Past, Building the Future 

Get posting your memories on DSP40 Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages…

As you all know, 40 years ago saw the founding of Dalkey School Project, launching the beginning of what has become the Education Together movement and a revolution in Irish education.

When DSP opened our doors for our first students in 1978, our founders could never have imagined that 40 years on, our movement would have grown to include 84 primary schools and 13 second-level schools. Or that in 2018, there would be 23,000 children enrolled as Educate Together students.

As a school that seeks to be inclusive in all that we do, we want to engage with the whole school community to celebrate this anniversary year. That includes current students, parents and teachers as well as former pupils, parents and teachers from the past four decades. We want to gather and tell the stories of our school so that together, we can celebrate the highs (and the lows) of the last 40 years. By documenting the past and ensuring we have an electronic archive of memories, we can all work better together to ensure a DSP education for many generations of children to come.

Please get involved in this DSP social media campaign and spread the word to all your DSP friends far and wide. We want to get back in touch with as many of the DSP community as possible this year. You can share the links to the DSP40 Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages with your friends. Or if you prefer, you can simply send us an email with your memories to dspforty40@gmail.com

Your memories can be a few written lines, or photos from your school days, or audio recordings or short films. This is a great opportunity for children to interview their parents and/or grandparents. Whatever DSP memories you have, we would love to see them!

Our DSP40 team will be posting regular updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram throughout the year and we hope to get as many of the wider DSP community as possible engaged in our social media during the year. Let’s work together to spread the word and make this a wonderful anniversary year for all!