Morning arrivals are running quite smoothly, particularly helped by children arriving on time. We are hoping to reduce staggered arrivals and departures to five minute intervals if we can keep up good practices. We have identified another cross-contact spot by the bicycle racks and are trying a number of options to see what works best.

We are delighted to observe the Infants developing independence skills. They are so proud of themselves when they learn to do something new. We also like to hear children express their individual selves and do things at their own pace. Social media can be a judgemental place. DSP is not; we are an inclusive school. Some children may continue to have mixed reactions to coming to school and we will facilitate individual needs to the best of our ability until all children are comfortable heading into class. It is to be expected that, post lockdown, some children will miss the extended family time at home, making morning arrival and saying goodbye a challenge. Parents/Guardians, try not to worry; we know the children are happy in their classes.

We can confirm from Monday 14th September 2020:

Senior Infants arrive 8:30am and walk upstairs independently where possible

Junior Infants Pod 1 arrive 8:35am and walk upstairs independently where possible

Junior Infants Pod 2 arrive 8:40am and walk upstairs independently where possible

First to Sixth classes

Well done to all the children who are arriving on time and lining up appropriately making mornings in the big yard run relatively smoothly. There is currently a five to seven minutes grace period for children arriving at their designated time. After this time they are deemed a late arrival and must wait for the yard to clear safely before they can be admitted. This is due to social distancing and crossover concerns. It is important for us to safeguard class bubbles and try to ensure that if there is a case of Covid it will only affect one class. 

This means if a child is 7 minutes or more late they will have to wait up to a further 10 minutes to enter the school building. 

We have noticed what when children arrive on time and enter in their correct pod they are calmer and ready to learn straight away. The children are enjoying the calmness and have adapted to the changes with great acceptance and resilience. We are very proud of them. Arriving late can cause anxiety for some children at a time when they need routine and calm.